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Living Walls

While there are many different types of vertical living walls, the following are three of the most distinctive systems:

TerraScreen Interior Greenwall System

The most efficient, effective, and maintenance friendly live wall system designed specifically for the interior. TerraScreen™ allows Living Art to use “plants as paint” to establish a living, breathing focal point, set a mood, or celebrate a season.

  • Plants sit in individual plastic pots, each held within a larger wall-mounted metal frame
  • Can be built with attached irrigation tubing or plants can be hand-watered individually
  • No extra wall waterproofing needed
  • Typical uses: any restaurant, retail or office wall, a reception area wall, or on an residential wall

VGM Modular Living Wall System

The superior solution for exterior living walls. VGM system's intensive soil volume creates spectacular visual impact, the hanging mechanism makes maintenance and change a snap.

  • Plants sit in compartmentalized panels that are hung in a wall rack
  • Must be pre-grown horizontally for eight weeks prior to vertical installation
  • Each panel mounted separately
  • Requires waterproofing and irrigation installation during construction

The Pocket System

Use Pockets to frame your Living Art, just like a painting on any interior and exterior wall. Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular and made right here in the USA.

  • Plants grow in breathable, moisture-retaining bags made from recycled materials, which are hung directly on the wall with screws (no rack or frame needed).
  • Can be hand-watered or set up for drip-irrigation (back "tongue" wicks water to roots)
  • Good for inside home and outside garden use
  • Easiest and most flexible of three systems to install
  • Available in multiple colors & sizes: one, three and five pockets

Living Art™  Making the world a better place to live.™