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"Something unusual is occurring inside the Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT), located at 445 N. Sacramento Blvd. Plants are now growing all over the walls. And these plants are growing without any soil."

For the past decade, the CCGT has been a national model for sustainable design and technology. It is the first rehabilitated municipal building in the nation to receive the LEEDTrademark symbol Platinum rating by the U.S. Green Building Council. And now, plants are taking over the CCGT atrium. On April 23rd, Living Art, a Chicago company which creates living plant decors on walls, installed a Living Wall in the CCGT atrium. The wall features over 250 tillandias, more commonly known as air plants. The tillandias are self sustaining. They do not require any soil and are deserving of their common name by absorbing moisture from the air. The project also reuses recycled building material. The air plants are mounted on 150 year old oak and pine barn wood panels salvaged from a local farm. “We believe living walls are a natural alternative for urban environments,” states Living Art Co-Creator, Jane Morocco. “If you love plants and live or work in the city, there are many reasons to consider living walls. They are not only beautiful, but now the urban plant lover can keep a vibrant plant garden on their office or apartment wall, without taking up any valuable space. They are also easy to maintain, especially the air plants, and they keep the air fresh. They are natural bio filtration systems.”

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